Varied fishing waters

In the east, along the coastal areas, we border the Baltic Sea, and in the West, there are large forests and many lakes, rivers and streams. As a result, the region offers a wide variety of fishing. One day, you can catch salmon and sea trout, and the next day you are fishing for pike, zander or perch. Or why not try to catch a nice salmon trout or grayling in one of our healthy and flourishing waters.

A really big and important part of recreational fishing is that you can vary the methods used. There is always a method that suits you and your preferences. 
We also know that it is possible to vary the method several times during a fishing trip and you can find the best and most rewarding trapping method just for that day.

You can fish with good results throughout the entire area, irrespective of the type of fishing method employed. Everything from grayling for example in Ängraån, to salmon fishing in the Ljungan.
In addition, you can catch pike or zander in any of our healthy lakes, such as Bergviken or Storsjön.






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